Siemens Hearing Aids

For more than 130 years, Siemens has been helping the world hear. With the company’s mission to increase the quality of life for people with hearing loss, Siemens is one of the world’s oldest manufacturers of hearing instruments. As early as 1911, Siemens had begun development of electrical hearing aids. By 1959, Siemens had produced the world’s first behind-the-ear hearing aid and in 1966, they released the first in-the-ear hearing aid. In the 21st century, Siemens continued their innovation with the world’s first waterproof hearing aid, Aquaris in 2011 and the first hearing aid to outperform normal hearing in 2014, the binax series.

Binax: Outperforms Normal Hearing

The binax family of hearing aids comes in the following models: Ace (receiver-in-canal), Pure (RIC), Carat (RIC), Motion (behind-the-ear), and Insio (in-the-ear, in-the-canal, completely-in-canal, and invisible-in-canal). All binax models are compatible to connect wirelessly with smartphones.

The binax offers Siemens’ most innovative hearing solutions: hearing aids that have been proven to outperform normal hearing in challenging noise situations. By creating a multi-microphone network between the pair of hearing aids, binax simulates binaural hearing, giving wearers a natural and high-quality listening experience. All binax solutions are a part of Siemens’ premium line of hearing aids. The Ace binax is the smallest RIC hearing aid offered by Siemens. Binax hearing aids also offer ocean wave sound therapy for tinnitus.

Aquaris: Waterproof

The Aquaris is the world’s first dust proof and waterproof hearing aid, with an IP rating of 68 (the highest score possible). This means that the Aquaris may be submerged completely in water without damage; it also repels dust and dirt and is shock-resistant. This behind-the-ear hearing aid is designed for people with active lifestyles, particularly kids and teens. The Aquaris may be worn in the pool, the shower, and while sweating at the gym. Also equipped with wireless connectivity, the Aquaris provides a seamless listening experience.

Pediatric Hearing Aids

Siemens offers pediatric hearing aids, such as the Carat, Pure, and Motion. All hearing aids offer child-friendly options such as battery door locks and direct audio input. They also provide children with a full spectrum of sound, improved speech recognition, while being simple to operate and in discreet in design.

Other Styles and Features

Siemens hearing aids are organized by style: receiver-in-canal, behind-the-ear, and in-the-ear models. RIC hearing aids include Ace, Pure, Carat, and Orion 2. Behind-the-ear hearing aids include Motion, Aquaris, Nitro, Life, and Sirion 2. BTE hearing aids have a multiple directional microphone system which improves speech recognition. In-the-ear hearing aids are fully customizable, as they are made from a mold of the wearers’ ears. ITE hearing loss treats a smaller range of hearing loss, due to the positioning of the microphone. ITE styles from Siemens include: Insio, Nitro, Orion 2, and Sirion 2.
All Siemens hearing aids are compatible with wireless connectivity to smart phones and other personal electronic devices through the easyTek and/or touchControl app. These allow wearers to make adjustments to volume and switch between programs and features.

Siemens also offers a line of assistive listening devices, all wireless. They allow wearers to stream music, media, and phone calls directly to their hearing aids, through the use of apps and portable amplification devices. The Siemens smartHome device improves security for people who are hard of hearing with alerts from sounds such as doorbells, phones, smoke detectors, etc.