At Audio 'D' & Finetone Hearing Centers, we strive to build lasting relationships with our patients and customers. Many people think of hearing aids as just a product, but the reality is that hearing instruments require ongoing professional care. Our hearing professionals at Finetone Hearing Aid Centers take great pride in offering the best care and service available in Maine.

best hearing aid service maine

Audio ‘D’ and Finetone Hearing Aid Centers is an American family business which has been manufacturing hearing instruments for over 20 years. All of our instruments are hand crafted right here in our Windham facility. And for your convenience we also have offices in Scarborough, Cornish and Farmington, Maine. In addition to serving you here in Maine, we also manufacture hearing instruments for Hearing Professionals all over the country and some of our proprietary technologies are exported worldwide.

Hearing Aid Repairs

We service all hearing aid brands, most of which can be repaired in-house. Usually we can do repairs that other companies cannot, even for hearing aids that are 5+ years old. In addition we offer the best service plans and warranties in the state of Maine.

There are NO extra charges for routine service to your hearing aid.

No Charge Routine Hearing Aid Services Include:

  • Hearing Aid Cleaning (No Appointment needed)
  • Hearing Aid Repair (No Appointment needed)

No Charge During warranty, Nominal fee if out of warranty:

  • Testing (Appointment recommended)
  • Adjusting (Appointment recommended)

What to expect after you purchase Finetone Hearing Instruments

hearing aid service repair maine
  • Weekly follow up appointments if needed.
  • 60 Day trial period
  • Comprehensive service plans included
  • Work related hearing tests
  • Vocational rehab hearing evaluations
  • Tubing replacements
  • Ear plugs/hunter’s ears

Warranty & Other Manufacturers

Our in house manufacturing services provide significant cost savings which enable us to offer the best warranty around.

Although Audio’D’ & Finetone’s Hearing Aids can accommodate most hearing losses. The Hearing Professional’s at Finetone Hearing will gladly recommend other brands if there is something about your hearing loss or personal situation that is better addressed with another companies technology or hearing aid.

At Finetone we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best value in hearing care. It may be possible to find cheaper Hearing Aids, but you will not find a better value on equivalent technology and service.