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Meet your team of hearing specialists in Maine.

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Our Practice

Finetone Hearing is a family-owned practice with four locations throughout Maine. Our owner and hearing specialist, Ted Gauthier, acquired Finetone Hearing after owning a successful hearing aid business called Audio’D’. He combined the two practices under the name of Finetone and now provides expert hearing care to patients of all ages.

Finetone used to be a hearing aid manufacturing company and we would build hearing aids from scratch. Over the years however we have changed to now be a hearing center where we can provide hearing tests, hearing aid dispensing, hearing protection, and follow-up services. Now, we offer hearing aids from the major manufacturers, but we still have an in-depth knowledge of the technology.

Ted Gauthier

Hearing Aid Specialist

Ted started learning to manufacture hearing aids shortly after he learned to walk. His informal education in hearing aids began in his early teens doing odd jobs through high school for a hearing aid manufacturing company. As he continued to learn and grow in the industry, Ted managed the 2nd largest ear-mold lab for Starkey labs in the late 80’s; designed and built an ear-mold manufacturing lab for Ensoniq in the early 90’s; and partnered with his father, brother, and sister to start Audio’D’ in 1995.

In addition to the manufacturing side of hearing aids; Ted also worked extensively in tech support helping Hearing Professionals resolve fitting problems for some of their most challenging patients. This work in tech support led to him being asked to lecture and conduct continuing education classes at several conferences including the Mid Atlantic Hearing Conference, Tri State Hearing Conference in Idaho, and the California Hearing Health Professional Conference, just to name a few.

What Ted enjoys most is working directly with patients; it’s the subtle things that make a big difference in the patient’s quality of hearing and quality of life. In his spare time, he enjoys his dogs, the outdoors, and always has a long list of projects for his home.

Get to Know the Professional: Ted Gauthier

Teri S. Gauthier, MS, CCC-A


After working at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis for several years, Teri went back to school to study Audiology. She graduated at the top of her class from Wayne State University in Michigan. Throughout her fruitful career Teri has held positions at several of the most highly renowned Audiology Clinics in the country including the Henry Ford Clinic in Michigan, Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, and the Alfred I. DuPont Hospital in Delaware. In 1998 Teri Joined Audio’D’ as Director of Audiology. She is dedicated to improving quality of life for her patients through better hearing.

When not working Teri is an avid supporter of local stage theaters. She has portrayed a number of characters at the Lyric Music Theatre and Portland Players in Portland and The Community Little Theatre in Lewiston. These shows include: A Chorus Line, Fiddler on the Roof, Mame, Titanic, and several dozen other shows.

Get to Know the Professional: Teri Gauthier

Ed Gauthier

After serving in the U.S. Air Force, Ed worked for MIT and in 1968 he left MIT to join the hearing aid industry as an engineer. At first it was the challenge of evolving and developing technologies that he enjoyed and still does. Ed holds several patents and in 1989 he was one of the first engineers to incorporate digital technology for graphic equalization into a hearing aid.

In the early 1970’s, Ed learned just how much impact on a person’s quality of life properly fit hearing aids can have. A friend’s daughter seemed to be a frustrated, angry, and rotten 4-year-old. She even bit other children hard enough to draw blood. Ed suggested that they have her hearing tested and she turned out to have a moderate hearing loss. Within just a few weeks this little girl transformed from angry and rotten to a happy little girl. That’s when Ed realized “no one yells I Love You.” This experience changed his career from a job to a passion.

In his personal time, he enjoys his family, working on his house, fishing, and sailing.

Christopher Gauthier

Hearing Aid Specialist

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Brian Files

Hearing Aid Specialist

Brian has worked in the hearing aid industry for over twenty years; he joined Finetone Hearing after finishing his military career in the National Guard. He was originally hired as a finisher and progressed to hearing aid assembly technician. Over the years Brian has played a key role in the design and manufacturing of many new models of hearing aids. Through additional education, apprenticeship, and training, Brian became a fully licensed Hearing Aid Specialist.

In his free time, Brian enjoys his family and has also been performing with a mystery theater company (Mystery for Hire) for the past 20 years. You’ll see that his appearance is constantly changing based on the role or character he is playing with this troupe. He has intimate knowledge on how hearing aids work as well as how to maintain and optimize their performance.